This is a portrait of one of the many “half-widows” that I photographed in Kashmir.  “Half-widow” is a Kashmiri term for women whose husbands have disappeared or been taken away by the Indian Security forces.  There are thousands of these women in Kashmir, and most have never seen their husbands again. I haven’t decided what to do with these photographs.  I have many, and many of them are very sad. Here is a link to a recent article about the half-widows of Kashmir.

Half widow
Kashmiri “Half-Widow”

Below is one of the new works that is in my website.  I’ve written that that this project was going to evolve my work, and it is doing just that.  My work is getting more expressive and less tied to photography, which is where I have wanted it to go.  I will still blog my straight photographs for all of you that follow my work.  There are many sides to these stories, and my art is just one side.