Last week I got a call during dinner from a Sudanese man who is working to promote peace on the border of Sudan and South Sudan.  He had found my blog posts about visiting the border area in South Sudan just after it became a country, and he said that it was the only optimistic and positive story he has seen come out of the region.  He wants to work together somehow, and he encouraged me to return to the area.

I would like to return to Warawar, South Sudan and take some large prints back to the people I photographed there. I’m trying to figure out a way to do that.  You can read one of my posts about South Sudan here.

In other news, a Kashmiri friend of mine just published this beautifully sad article about Kashmiri half-widows – “Mother, what is your name?”.  Please read it.

Above is another of my photos of one of the half widows I met in Kashmir.